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If you’re suffering from symptoms of heartburn like feeling a burning sensation behind your rib cage or at the top of your chest, you could be suffering from heartburn brought on or increased by pregnancy.


What does heartburn during pregnancy mean?

Some believe that heartburn during pregnancy means that your bundle of joy will be born with a head full of hair. The truth is heartburn is common during pregnancy, while some research suggests it’s true, more thorough research links it to pregnancy hormones and pressure from your growing baby.

Learn more about Heartburn in pregnancy: what is it and what causes it?

How to treat heartburn while pregnant?

There are a few ways to help you prevent heartburn and indigestion, some include cutting out some of your favourite snacks (hopefully not all your cravings), natural remedies, and you’ll be relieved to know that some Gaviscon products are suitable during pregnancy to target heartburn symptoms instantly.

Avoid triggers

Eating, drinking and sleeping habits can increase the relaxation of the lower oesophageal sphincter, along with pregnancy hormones or your baby pressing on your sphincter, resulting in heartburn. 

You can prevent heartburn by avoiding these triggers: 

Large and late meals
Rich and fatty foods
Stress and anxiety
Other medications (e.g. antidepressants)

Lifestyle & Diet

Avoiding triggers is fine unless you’re craving a curry. But some natural foods and lifestyle changes are believed to provide relief, a snack or a little comfort from symptoms.

Loose-fitting clothes

Keep those maternity jeans in the cupboard, added pressure on your stomach can make your symptoms feel worse.

Mediterranean diet with alkaline water

Alkaline water is a naturally carbonated drink with high pH levels, which is thought to ease acid reflux. A small study suggests that alkaline water combined with a plant-based Mediterranean diet could be effective at reducing heartburn symptoms.

Got (plant-based) milk?

Milk from a cow can make your symptoms worse. Lower fat non-diary milk, like soy milk, may be a safer choice for those suffering with reflux. In addition, plant-based milk, like almond milk, is thought to help neutralise stomach acid and therefore help alleviate symptoms.


Gaviscon is suitable during pregnancy

Gaviscon has some products that are suitable for treating heartburn during pregnancy, including Gaviscon Original, Gaviscon Double Action and Gaviscon Advance.*


How does Gaviscon help relieve symptoms during pregnancy?

Antacids help neutralise excess acid in your stomach. Alginates create a barrier to help stop the acid leaking back up from your stomach. Gaviscon Advance combines them into one for fast and effective relief.

Gaviscon is suitable during pregnancy

You should always speak to your GP or Midwife before taking any medicine in pregnancy. You should also seek advice if you need additional help managing your symptoms, if symptoms do not ease after avoiding trigger or if you relate to any of the below:

Taking prescription medications
Difficulty eating or keeping food down
Stomach pains
Weight loss

Article published January 1, 2021

Gaviscon Double Action Chewable Tablets. For Heartburn and Indigestion.
Always read the label. Suitable from 12-years old.
If symptoms are severe or prolonged, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist.