Terms and Conditions Gaviscon - Socialise

Socialise Without Hesitation Gaviscon Competition 




Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. 


1. These terms and conditions are the rules (“Rules”) that apply to this Socialise Without Hesitation Gaviscon Competition (“Competition”). By entering into this Competition entrants will have deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  


2.  The Promoter is RB UK Commercial Limited of 103-105 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3UH (“RB UK Commercial”). RB UK Commercial is a company registered in England & Wales under company number 08784077. 


3. The Competition is accessible online from the following websites: www.facebook.com and www.instagram.com , excluding any other means including by post.  


4.  The Competition is open from 00:01 on 20th September 2021 to 23:59 to 18th October 2021.  All prize draw entries received after the closing date are automatically disqualified. 


5.  The Competition is inclusive to all residents in the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over, excluding employees and their immediate families (defined as parents, siblings, children & spouse regardless of where they live) of the Promoter, their affiliated companies, their agents or anyone professionally connected with this Promotion.  


6. For their participation to be valid and enable the Promoter to contact the winners, the participant must enter their full name and email address on a website identified in clause 3 and accept these Terms and Conditions. 


7. The prize to be won is one gift card(s) with a unit value of £500 to spend online with a leading tech retailer chosen by the Promoter.  


8.  This value corresponds to the estimated value on the date of drafting of these rules. It is given by way of approximate and may be subject to change.   


9. The prize allocated may not be the subject of any dispute on the part of the winner. The prize allocated is non-transferable and may not be the subject on the part of the Promoter of reimbursement in cash or any exchange or any return of their total or partial value in kind or in cash.   


10. The Promoter reserves the right to replace the prize at any moment with another prize of at least an equivalent value.  


11. The Promoter may not be held liable for any damages deriving from the use or enjoyment of the prize. 


12. All brands and names of the products mentioned herein or on any communication support referring to this Competition remain the exclusive property of their holder. 


13. One (1) winner will be selected by the Promoter within an indicative period of twenty (20) working days following the end of the Competition.  


14. Winner Selection:  


The winner will be selected by a random computer process from all entries received and verified by the Promoter and or its agents. The random selection and confirmation of the winner’s email takes place automatically within RB UK Commercial’s email database system.  


15.  The winner will receive within an indicative timeframe of twenty (20) working days following the designation of winners an email (to the email address used to enter the Competition) to confirm the win. The winner then has seven (7) calendar days from receiving the winner’s email to claim the prize by responding to this email, as instructed. If the prize is not claimed within this timeframe, your claim will become invalid. 


16.  The winner will then receive their prize via email within a period of around twenty (20) additional calendar days from the Promoter receiving an email from the winner in accordance with clause 15. The winner must comply with all lawful instructions and terms and conditions of the Promoter and any other provider involved in the Promotion and/or the Prize. 


17. The Promoter must either publish or make available information that indicates a valid award took place. To comply with this obligation, the Promoter may publish the surname and county of the prize winner on its website within thirty 30 days or the Promoter will send the surname and county of the prize winner and, if applicable, copies of their winning entries, to anyone who emails Europe.consumerrelations@rb.com or writes to RB UK Commercial Limited, Socialise Without Hesitation Gaviscon Competition, Wellcroft House, Wellcroft Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4AQ  within 30 days after the Closing Date of the completion. 


18. Throughout the duration of the Competition, only one participation per person is authorized (same name and same postal address or email address). Any multiple participations will be null and void. In the event of multiple participations, the participant concerned will not be able to win any prize. 


19. The winning participant undertakes to respond in good faith to any contact and/or emails from the Promoter and to provide the latter with accurate and full information, within the timeframes established. Failing this, the Promoter could be unable to allocate the prize to the winners which would invalidate their participation. The prize will then remain the property of the Promoter, which will then be able to dispose of it as it wishes and choose whether or not to reallocate it.   


20. The Promoter reserves the right to proceed with any verification in order to ensure the compliance of the participations. It reserves the right to suspend or annul any participation that is fraudulent or not in compliance with these rules, even after designation of the winners.   


21. The Promoter has the option of unilaterally ending the participation of a participant, without prior notice, and without this serving as grounds for any claim against it from a participant, in particular if the information provided is fraudulent, contrary to morality or constituting denigration of the Organizing Company or its products and/or liable to shock consumers. 


22. The Promoter reserves the right to shorten, extend, defer, modify or annul the Competition at any moment and without prior notice, if circumstances so demand, without any liability being incurred and without any compensation being claimed against it as a result of this. In such circumstances, the Promoter will put in place all means of informing participants in advance of these changes.  

These rules may be modified by means of amendments.   


23. The Promoter may suspend and annul the participation of one or more participants, in the event of suspicious conduct that may include, but is not limited to: the putting in place of an automated registration system, the connection of several persons and different computers from the same username, an unusual frequency of wins, an attempt to hack the Organizing Company’s servers, a multiplicity of accounts, etc. 


24. The Promoter is the sole decision-maker on the exclusion or reintegration of participants concerned with regard to the information in its possession. In the event of a complaint, participants should provide evidence that they have acted in accordance with these rules. 


25. In the case of a simple modification of the rules, all participants will then be considered to have accepted this modification by the simple fact of their participation in the competition, starting from the effective date of this modification. Any participant refusing the modification or modifications that have been made will have to cease their participation in the competition.  


26. The Promoter may annul all or part of the competition, if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, in particular computer fraud in the context of participation in the competition or the determination of winners.  


27. The Promoter may not be held liable towards other participants for cases of fraud or non-compliant participation.   


28. Participation in the Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the internet, in particular with regard to technical performance, response times for consulting, seeking or transferring information, the risks of interruption, and more generally, the risks inherent in any connection and transmission on the internet, the absence of protection of certain data against any misappropriation and the risks of contamination by any viruses circulating on the network.  


29. The Promoter cannot be held liable for any direct damages resulting from participation in the Competition. All participants are responsible for taking all appropriate steps to protect their own data and/or software stored on their computer equipment against any attack. Furthermore, the Promoter can in no case be held liable for problems with download processes or loss or email or physical mail.   


30. The Promoter denies any liability in the case of technical failure or equipment and software disorders of any nature (viruses, bugs, etc.) caused on the computer equipment of participants and/or the data stored thereon and for any consequences that may result for professional or commercial activity.   


31. The Promoter will make every effort to enable access to the competition for its entire duration, without however having any obligation to do so.   


32. The Competition is in no way endorsed, sponsored, administered by or associated with Facebook or Instagram.


33. By entering this Competition, you agree to release Facebook and Instagram from any liability arising out of or in connection with the Competition.


34. DATA PROTECTION: Your personal data provided by you in connection this Competition is processed by the Promoter as data controller for the purposes of organising the Promotion and delivery of prize as explained to you when you enter the Competition. For further information on how your personal data shall be processed by the Promoter, your rights in relation to the processing of your personal data, and how to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding how your personal data is used, please see the Promoter`s Privacy Notice https://www.gaviscon.co.uk/pages/privacy-policy 


The Promoter may periodically send you free newsletters, surveys, offers, and other promotional materials related to our products and services which we believe are useful for you, if you have consented (opted-in) to receive such message. We will not do so unless you have consented to this. You are free to decide if you wish to sign-up for the newsletters, it is not required for entering the Promotion. If you have signed up for newsletters and you do not wish to receive such communications anymore, you will always have the opportunity to "opt-out" by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each of the direct marketing e-mails or by contacting the Promoter directly. 


35. These T&Cs are the rules of this Competition and can be consulted on https://www.gaviscon.co.uk/socialise-life-without-hesitation-gaviscon-competition

 Participants who would like to receive a copy of the rules must send a request to the following postal address: RB UK COMMERCIAL LIMITED, SOCIALISE WITHOUT HESITATION GAVISCON COMPETITION, Wellcroft House, Wellcroft Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4AQ. Or by email to Europe.consumerrelations@rb.com  


36. Participation in the Competition implies unreserved acceptance of these rules. The Competition is subject to the laws of England and Wales. Parties will first and foremost try to resolve amicably any dispute and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.   


37. Any dispute relating to the Competition must be sent by registered mail with return receipt to the Promoter within one (1) month from the end of this Competition (postmark serving as evidence). It must be sent to: RB UK COMMERCIAL LIMITED, SOCIALISE WITHOUT HESITATION GAVISCON COMPETITION, Wellcroft House, Wellcroft Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4AQ.